Joel Cage Design

Stepping back in time...

Stepping back in time with Just For Kicks - Rock ‘n’ Roll Club, Yaxley, UK.

I created a retro look and feel for this identity to draw on memories of old from times of Elvis and Bill Hailey to name a few. The board members were after a retro feel to their club's logo so I kept it simple and used the idea of vinyl records and used the disc to hold the club’s name.

Along with the logo came other promotional items such as flyers and posters for band nights as well translating into digital for social media events.

Over the year’s I have produced a number of other items for the club such as promotional signage and car bumper stickers for members to show off on days out! We even worked with Vince Ray, the well known illustrator and musician, on a club t-shirt which featured the logo I created.